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Be Safe with Keyless Entry Systems


Keyless entry locks are some of the most advanced door security tools in the industry. Rather than jostling through a giant key ring, all you have to do is punch in a code to get into your home. In order to get the most out of this high-tech security, follow these tips for what NOT to do with keyless entry locks.

Note that there are keyless entry locks that do not have keypads (they respond to swipe cards). Since this post is geared toward residential keyless locks though, we will focus on the ones that use access numbers.

Don’t Use an Obvious Access Code

You want to create a code that you’re going to remember, but you don’t want it to be so obvious that someone else could figure it out easily. For instance, if you have a four-digit code and a four-digit house number, you wouldn’t want the code to be your house number. You also don’t want it to be the PIN to your debit cards, just in case your identity gets stolen. You might choose something like the birth years of you and your spouse (1976 and 1968 could be 6876) or letters that represent an important word. Make it hard to figure out but easy for you to remember.

Be Careful Who You Give the Entry Code to

You have to be cautious about who has the entry code to your home. You, your spouse, and your children can have it, but be leery about friends and family members you may not be able to trust. If you have a house sitter come by when you are on vacation, create a separate code for him or her so you can delete it or change it when you get back. Explain the importance of this to your children so they do not give the code to their friends, and you will be able to protect your home much better.

Change Your Access Code Every Few Months

It may seem like a pain to change your access code regularly, but that will ensure that your home stays safe. You should do the same thing with your internet passwords and debit card PINs, but people rarely do that. Nevertheless, this is your home security – a key source of protection for your family. Make an effort to change it at least once a year to keep unwanted intruders at bay.

Set up a Separate Code for Home Repair Workers

In some cases, you may need to give your keyless access code to home repair workers so they can get into your home when you are not around. If you are going to do this, set up a separate code to give them. Most keyless entry systems will allow you to input multiple security codes, so you could have a primary code to use for your family and a secondary one to give to plumbers, remodelers, etc. Once they have completed their work, you can change that code or delete it altogether until you need to create a new one for the next round of workers.

Do Not Use the Same Code for Your Garage and Entry Lock

If you have an electric keypad for your garage door, make sure you set a different code for the garage and the house. That way if someone gets a hold of one, they don’t have access to multiple entry areas in your home. Follow the same rules on this list for your garage code as you do your keyless entry code, and you’ll be set!

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