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Top 5 Home Remodeling Projects before Selling Your House


Whether it’s a seller’s market, a buyer’s market, or somewhere in between, a few subtle changes can help your home sell for top dollar. Some home remodeling projects are more financially feasible than others, so it’s important to prioritize your spending. Here are five home remodeling projects to consider before selling your house.

Functional Repairs

Functional damages will instantly turn buyers away. If the roof is falling apart or the water doesn’t run in the bathroom, those are issues you can’t hide. You could list your house with these damages, but that will give the buyer the leverage in the negotiation. Completing the repairs in advance will ensure you get a high offer, and it will expand your pool of buyers.

Beyond the functional repairs for your home, you may also want to complete drywall repairs. These technically don’t impact the usability of your house, but they certainly impact how the home looks to potential buyers. If they see big holes in the wall that haven’t been taken care of, they’ll start to look for other issues you might have missed. Home contractors can complete these repairs for you, just in time to list your house for sale.

Kitchen and Bathroom Updates

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. This is a proven fact. However, kitchen and bathroom remodeling can get expensive. It may not be in your budget to do a complete gut job, and you may not get your money back from a hefty investment.

This is why we recommend updating your kitchen and bathroom, not necessarily remodeling it completely. Install a backsplash if you don’t have one. Get new countertops if they’re in the budget. Replace your outdated wallpaper with something more modernized. Strategic investments can make your home more appealing without leaving you in the red.

Unified Paint Schemes in Neutral Colors

You’ve likely personalized your home over the years, which may include a variety of fun paint colors. Now it’s time to neutralize your house to get it ready to sell. Choose a neutral color scheme to use throughout the house. Most homeowners opt for grey or beige on the walls, surrounded by white trim. If you have wood trim, choose a paint color that works well with the undertones in the wood. A fresh coat of paint throughout will help your home appeal to most buyers.

Outdoor Living Improvements

Outdoor living is now more important than ever. The stay-at-home mandates in 2020 caused most Americans to re-evaluate how they use their homes. Outdoor living rooms, patios, big porches, custom decks, and other areas act as an extension of the house.

Spend a little money on outdoor improvements to maximize your home’s appeal. Simple landscaping, fresh paver sand, outdoor lights and clean walkways can make a world of difference when it’s time to hit the market. Add a gazebo or pergola for extra flair, and you should see a great return on investment!

Declutter and Staging

Home remodeling before selling doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Decluttering is completely free, and it helps your home photograph better for listing photos.

Spend a weekend removing any personalization you have in your home – family photos, political posters, throw pillows with writing, etc. You want someone to step in and envision their belongings in the home, not yours. Stage the house to showcase the square footage and highlight the focal points in each room. Ask your realtor for additional tips to appeal to buyers in your area.

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