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Why Average Kitchen Remodeling Costs Are Totally Wrong


Living in Maryland, there are quite a few kitchen remodeling companies. And, there are more than a few searches for “kitchen remodeling costs”. How much is a small kitchen remodel? What are the average costs in (my area)? What does a kitchen remodel cost? The list goes on and on, but, here is why nobody can really give you an answer about kitchen remodeling costs without talking to you first.

Your needs will depend on factors like convenience, style, purpose, use, size and available budget. Even if it is a complete remodel, you will typically keep at least one appliance, you may have no plumbing alterations or want your cabinets refaced instead of buying new ones. In order for you to get a fair estimate of cost; you need to communicate with the designer or contractor.

Often people estimate “average” construction costs as a dollar amount per square foot ($XX per square foot). This may work for applications like a living room, club basement, roof, etc. But, kitchen remodeling costs vary wildly. It’s not just lumber and labor – a kitchen requires appliances, stone or tile work, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry and more. Nobody can tell you within a reasonable percentage what it is going to cost until they know your plan and listen to your needs. A single high-end refrigerator can end up costing more than everything else combined.

Home Advisor states: “In 2018; the average range for a kitchen remodel is $12,551 – $33,411 with the low end being $4,000 and the high end being $52,000.” And, here is the problem with averages. In a statistic like this with a wide range between low and high – it really tells you nothing. You are better off considering the low of $4k versus $52k and knowing that depending on what you desire – your cost will fall somewhere between those numbers.

The flaw of “averages” states that plans based on assumptions about average conditions usually go wrong. The further apart your low and high numbers; the more opportunity there is for a greater variation between the “average cost” and your actual cost. So, if you ask “how deep is the water?” and someone says it averages 4 foot  –  that means you could be jumping into 1, 2 or even 12 feet. No thanks.

A better solution is to gather a list of your needs and wants, reach out to a kitchen designer and take the time to explore the options based on your budget. The designer will be able to recommend products and changes that work for you. If you then want to compare prices between companies, you have a solid plan and an estimate that is more realistic.


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